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                                           Cooking is an art ,an art that combines;skill ,interest and taste,when all these employed together ,would produce delicacies that taste heavenly .A person who love cooking ,can create a treasure chest of mouthwatering goodies by integrating little bit of talent ,patience and interest,and when someone enjoy them would bring the art of cooking in to its culmination.  If you simply add all the essential spices in  the right measurement, may able to create a dish that would satisfy your apatite ,but it wouldn’t be necessarily desirable,for that it is essential to have a neat presentation ,  For me it is important how the dish looks as much as it taste.
                                I am a journalist by profession.I get to befriend the kitchen only on my spare times.We all prefer our traditional food more when it comes to choosing our every day cuisine. I guess because it brings back old nostalgic memories and keep us close to home.These factors inspire me to focus more on making our traditional food simple and tastier.I hope my efforts would reach you eventually ,and help you re-invent  the traditional  culinary experience.I welcome your feed back and support.