Ingredients For Appam White Rice(Pachari) or Rice Powder – One cup Coconut – Half cup Coconut Milk-half cup Urad dal (Uzhunnu)- 3/4 cup Garlic- 2 Shallot -3-4 Cumin seeds-two spoon Method Wash the rice and urad dal. Soak it  for 5-6  hours. Drain it. Grind both  well by adding little coconut milk or water and  at […]

This is a simple and easy recipe. Ingredients Chicken- 250 grm Onion-One, chopped Garlic-5 nos Ginger-One piece Green chilli-4 nos Garam masala-One spoon Pepper powder-1-2spoon Turmeric powder-little Curry leaves- One spring Salt-To taste Oil-as required Method Crush ginger and garlic. Heat oil in a pan and add ginger and garlic and green chilli . Saute […]

This is my another recipe. Its  simple and easy to cook. Ingredients Boiled chicken chopped- one cup Cooked Basmati rice-two cup Onion -thinly chopped, 3 nos Garlic -4 cloves, crushed Ginger-One big piece, crushed Tomato-One, chopped without seeds Carrot-one, thinly chopped spring onion /Celery-two spoon Coriander leaves- one sprig Curry leaves- one sprig Pepper seeds-crushed, […]

                  Ingredients Chicken boiled-Half cup,chopped Onion – One, chopped Garlic-2-4 cloves, chopped Celery-2 Spoon, chopped Spring Onion-2 spoon, chopped Carrot-One small, grated Button mushrooms-4, chopped French beans-one, chopped Cabbage-2-4 spoon, chopped Capsicum- one small, chopped Pepper-2 table spoon, crushed Sugar-1/2 teaspoon Soy sauce-2 table spoon Green chilli […]

Ingredients: Chicken– 1 kg Onions – 6 Nos Ginger – 3 pieces Green Chilies – 6 Nos Potatoes – ½ Kg Garlic-3 nos Turmeric Powder – ¼ spoon ChickenMasala – 1 spoons Salt – for taste Egg– 4 Nos Bread Crumbs – ¼ cup Pepper powder – 2 spoons Curry Leaves – 2 springs Oil […]

                Ingredients Beef (cut into small pieces) – ½ kg Ginger (chopped) – ¼ cup Garlic (chopped) – ¼ cup Coconut bits – ¼ cup Onions (chopped) -1 cup Green chilies – 2 Nos Chilli powder -2 spoon Turmeric powder – ¼ tea spoon Meat masala – 2 […]