Ingrediants Fish- two full Garlic chopped- one spoon Ginger chopped- one spoon Green chilly chopped- half spoon Tomato chopped- 2/3 cup Shallot chopped- half cup Garam masala- one pinch Turmeric powder- half spoon Chilly powder- one spoon Pepper powder- one spoon Curry leaves- one sprig Mustard seeds- little Oil- as needed Salt- as required Method […]

                        Ingredients Beans- One cup Prawns – 3/4 cup Shallot- 10 no Crushed dried chilli- two spoon Curry leaves – one sprig Salt- as required Oil- as needed   Preparation If you take dried prawns heat oil in a pan and roast it. If […]

Ingredients King fish – half kg Onion – one Shallot – five Garlic crushed – one spoon Ginger crushed – one spoon Green chilly – 4-5 Tomato – one big Coconut grated – 3/4 cup Turmeric powder – half spoon Pepper powder – one spoon Mustard seeds – little Fenugreek – one pinch Dried chilly […]

This is a famous Goan recipe. Its very yummy and spicy. Ingredien 1.Chicken boneless – half kg 2. Dried red chilli – 10 no 3. Cardamom – 2 no 4. Clove – 3 no 5. Cinnamon- one stick 6. Pepper corns – 4 no 7. Cumin – one table spoon 8. Star Anise  (Thakkolam)- one […]

              Ingredients Clam Meat – Half kg Grated coconut – one and half cup shallot -10 ns Green chillies -3  ns (Crushed) Garlic – Two ns (Crushed) Ginger – One piece(Crushed) Turmeric powder – 3/4 tbsp Chilly powder – one tbsp Garam masala powder – one spn Pepper powder- […]

Ingredients Chicken- Half kg Ginger-Garlic paste-one spoon Onion -2 chopped Green chilly-one spoon Tomato – one chopped Capsicum-one small, chopped Turmeric powder-3/4 teespoon Chilly powder-2 spoon Garam masala- 2 spoon Cashew nuts paste-one spoon Coriander leaves-2 sprig Salt- to taste Oil- as required Method Heat oil in a pan at medium heat. Add Ginger-garlic paste. […]