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Ingredients Beef cubes -3 Pepper-2 spoon Salt -as needed Garlic-2 White onion -1 (cut into two or three pieces) Rose Mery leaves-  one sprig Un salted butter-2  spoons Olive oil -as needed Method  Clean beef cubes well. For beef become soft, marinate salt and baking soda with beef and kept aside for 4 to 6 […]

  This is a special and yummy dish in Angamali. Ingredients Green mango – half kg Onion-2 big, chopped Ginger-one big, chopped Green chilly-10 Shallot-half cup Curry leaves-3 sprig Chilly powder-one and half spoon Coriander powder-2 tablespoon Turmeric powder-half tablespoon Coconut milk thin – 2cup Thick coconut milk-one or a half cup Salt-to taste Dried […]

Ingredients Chinese Potato (koorkka) -250 Gram Small coconut pieces-half cup, chopped Shallot-Half cup, chopped Garlic-2 nos, chopped Green chilly-4, chopped Garam Masala or Meat masala -2 spoon Turmeric Powder- little Red chilly powder-one spoon Curry leaves- two sprig Salt-as needed Oil- as needed Mustard-half table spoon Dry chilly- 2nos   Method Wash Chinese potato well […]

                        Ingredients Beans- One cup Prawns – 3/4 cup Shallot- 10 no Crushed dried chilli- two spoon Curry leaves – one sprig Salt- as required Oil- as needed   Preparation If you take dried prawns heat oil in a pan and roast it. If […]

                    Ingredients Dried prawns (Unakka chemeen) – 100 gm Mango / Tamarind- one Dried chilly crushed – two spoon Green chilly- two Shallot – two Curry leaves – One sprig Salt- as required Coconut oil -half spoon   Method Heat oil in a pan and roast […]

                For Pidi Ingredients Rice flour-one kg Grated coconut- one cup Cumin seeds- one spoon Garlic- 10 big, chopped Coconut milk-one cup Curry leaves-2 sprig Salt-to taste Method Roast the rice flour and add half coconut. In a pan boil 4 cup water with cumin seeds and garlic. […]